How to Access PrepaidGiftBalance Account? allows direct checking of credit with Visa or Mastercard. For some time, the potential of credit or debit cards across the world has expanded. Users find that using the card is a safer and more effective way than taking money to some places.

To support these services, there are also secure online portals that provide more information to your customers. This tutorial refers to the details of which our readers use to learn how to activate the card.

Users of credit and debit cards in the United States often purchase services from many private banks or authorized dealers of Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc. Therefore, they can easily access their accounts online through the portal of the site.

We will help our readers activate the map and use the portal for other benefits.


Access PrepaidGiftBalance Account

The company offers services such as credit/debit card processing, gift cards, and other temporary banking services for US citizens. If you have purchased one of the PrepaidGiftBalance merchants, you can use the online portal services provided to all users.

Once the user receives the card, you must first activate it by entering your registration through the portal. This is an important process you should do. We will guide you through the necessary steps. Perform the following steps.

  1. To start the process, you must go to the official website of the postal service and prepare your card to enter the details.
  2. Here is the link to
  3. On the right side, you will find the menu to activate spaces and maps.
  4. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate details, such as; Card number, security code, and card expiration date.
  5. Then click the security captcha and then the “CONNECTION” tab.
  6. Site servers will be uploaded and redirected to the Create Profile page.
  7. You can enter your details such as name, email, map details and more.
  8. You must also enter the username you wish to keep and a password for your account. These credentials are important to access the portal every time you visit.
  9. After completing the form, you must submit the details.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation email that your credit/debit card or Visa is active. Then users can use their Master/Visa card as they wish. Credit/debit amounts are limited. So be careful if you make the same expenses. Regular payments can be made by regular customers with minimal contributions. All details about the remaining balance of the card are displayed through the portal. Guide:

Some important benefits and features will appeal to users using these portal services. Here are some points that describe the same in the best context.

  • Users have access to the information on your card and its use.
  • There are details about payments, deadlines, limits, etc.
  • Users can pay the amounts due directly into their banking portal through the website
  • In addition, users can manage their PIN and other details when using this service.
  • Users can also use various offers, such as a 10% discount for the use of cards in restaurants, movies, etc.

We hope that you liked this guide on Prepaid Gift Balance.