How to Sign In at PrepaidGiftBalance?

Sign into the official website, register for an account, or get your PrepaidGiftBalance account. Get all the functions of my prepaid center when you save a profile.

This guide provides a method for creating and managing the direct profile information, selecting and managing funds, accessing transaction history, and adding new cards to your account.

Sign In Guide for PrepaidGiftBalance

If you did not activate the card already then let us inform you that Prepaid Gift Balance Card needs to be activated, your card will automatically start working upon initial registration. Sign In to your account with valid information, and then enter or use your username and password.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your login credentials
  3. Then click on Sign Up to proceed further.
  4. You can activate the card here.
  5. To activate it, enter the card number in the box to the right and select the due date.
  6. Now you can just access the account.

We request you to follow all the above-given steps so that you can successfully login to the account here.

More Information about PrepaidGiftBalance:

PrepaidGiftBalance offers products from two different categories:

Worldwide acceptance: It can be used nationwide. They are built for normal use. PrepaidGiftBalance optimizes it for specific needs. You can even use it online where credit cards are accepted and you will be surprised to know that your card will be accepted on these online websites without any problem.

If you use a prepaid card, you must check the credit on your card. If the card is processed with a value greater than the available value, it will be denied. It is also important to know all the terms and condition of your cards.

At you will receive a credit of 30 days on your prepaid card. If you have a problem, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page for prepaid seat cards, or contact PrepaidGiftBalance Technical Support directly.